About Me


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Gladys and as you can see, this blog is about my life. I am a lover of Jesus, family and food. I am a wife to a pretty cool AMAZING,LOVING, CARING,GENTLE,STRONG,SMART,PROVIDING,PROTECTING x one million husband, stay-at-home mama to the most awesome baby EVER -she’s 2 so technically we’re in the toddler range but she’ll ALWAYS BE MY BABAAAYY.

Okay, that’s enough Mariah Carey. [Back to our program *clears throat*]

Aside from being all about my Jesus and my family, I am huge-NOT PHYSICALLY (but even if I were I’d still be fabulous darlin’)- but HUGE on food. I absolutely love it and I am at this awesome place in my life where I am learning to take better care of my temple by being conscious of what I eat.

^^^This translates to: I am at that age in my life where my metabolism isn’t my best friend -_-

….But seriously, I want you guys to feel at home here. I will be discussing ways to stay organized as a stay-at-home mama (Fella’s you’re welcome to learn. I don’t discriminate. Stay-at-home dads need advice too 😛 ) I will also be showing you guys how to cook healthy foods that give your family life; discussing raising Godly children, ways to save on your grocery trips and so much more! Just check out my Categories List on the right>>>>>>> and you will see ALL of my post neatly packaged just for you :).

Now, I could go on and on about myself, like stating that I have my Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, am owner of Divine Lily Love Boutique L.L.C and creator of Different Textures: Nourishing your hair with the most care.; which is a natural hair care line I created for all textures of hair but keeping my 4c sistah’s in mind….. but who wants to hear that. *No seriously, who wants to hear about that?*

So…….now that we’ve been acquainted, I want you guys to please click on any of those lovely  pages on the menu up top ^^^^^^^ and check out my latest blog. And feel free to leave me a comment. I promise I will get back to you. Here’s a truth for today:I think you’re awesome! Enjoy your day.

OOOOOOH. Super side note: If you want to know what I’m doing today check out me out on Instagram. I’m usually posting something I’ve cooked or super cute photos of me and my fam 🙂