I have been M.I.A for a while now……months…..I know….no excuse. I’m not offering one. Instead, I’m being really selfish and asking for a listening ear. I want to catch you guys up with just what the heck has been going on in My Life As Gladys.

For my new subbies: Hi. I’m Gladys. I am so excited to meet you all!

For my faithful subbies who have held it down here the whole time without receiving one update from me: From my heart, I’m sorry and thank you. I love you guys.

First off, lets start with this. I am re-designing the website. I have a ton of new content for you guys I am setting up and as you know, I am not tech savvy, so it is taking me quite a while but I promise, it will be flourishing by next Monday. So, if you are on the site today and then jump on tomorrow and it looks totally different, that’s why. I’m so sorry but I wanted to make the site flow better (lack of better wording) and I wanted to offer you guys…well…me. SO, stay tuned because that’s what you’re going to be getting.

I guess I should start off by warning you that this post will be irrevocably unorganized a tad unorthodox. This being because that is the state of my life at this present moment. I am praying that by the end of this post, I will have written and prayed my way into some semblance of order.

Update #1: My family is doing well.  My hubby is amazing-per usual- and Lily is super, awesome, terrific, fabulous. Praise the Lord! Here is a picture of our family vacation. Aren’t they adorable?!?

Okay, well, lets just get to it.

I started a business.Yep! I did!

I took a leap of faith and I am now the owner of Divine Lily Love Boutique LLC and creator of Different Textures : Nourishing your hair with the most care.

I LOVE what I do, but it takes hard work. I graduated with my B.S in Chemistry which totally helped me when it came to formulating my hair products. Side note: I have been making these products for over 2 years now. I was simply afraid to go into business because I am not trained in that area.

But back to what I was saying, I am at this juncture in my life…in this season, where I am completely and totally reliant upon God. I wish I could explain to you all just how  exhausting it is to work towards a vision. And I don’t say that in a complaining way. I don’t say it in a bad way or in a negative light. On the contrary, I am beyond grateful to God that I have to opportunity to work towards a vision in my heart. I have been blessed with a supportive family and circle.So, this mama ain’t complaining. But I am speaking from my heart and where I am right now…and right now I am tired. I am tired because it seems like if it’s not one thing, it’s another.


And I just realized that I’m mostly tired because I have been relying on my own strength and not on the Lord.

Ouch. I do not like to admit that, but it’s the truth.


I just realized, I have been filling my schedule with life. Being a mama, a wife, a business owner, a daughter, a church member, a friend, a sister and so much more. But right now, tonight, I need to just BE. I have exhausted myself and the one person who can fill me up, I have avoided. The thing is, I need God. I need Him to teach me how to be a good mama. I need Him to teach me how to be a Holy wife. I need Him to teach me patience when my baby girl spills milk for the 40th time. I need Him when my husband and I get into a petty argument. I need Him when I am feeling alone and rejected. I need Him when I am making decisions on the business. I need Him when I am trying to stay within my boundaries. I need Him. Period.

I’m reminded of a verse in the Living Word of God (the BIBLE) : Psalm 62:5 says, “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him.”

Sometimes we get so caught up with living and working towards the very visions God gave us, that we take them over as our own. And the moment that happens, we begin operating in out own strength. But when we rely on God; when we seek Him out and hope in Him, we find rest. We don’t grow tired because we are replenished with a strength that comes from Christ.

This is is an interesting post. I started out completely exhausted and weary and am finishing, excited and at peace knowing and remembering who my FATHER is. What an amazing God we serve. I done’ messed around and encouraged myself LOL.

Mama’s (and any stay-at-home-dad’s), if you are feeling anything like I was feeling JUST 15 MINUTES AGO, then please take hold of the scripture I shared and pray it. Spend some time with God. Let Him lead you and guide you and replenish you. He knows best. I , for one, am definitely about to go and spend some time in His presence.

Thank you for letting me unload and be me.


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