Here in the Higgins household, we serve Jesus Christ. As a mama, it is vital for me to raise my daughter (and any other future children) to be the person of God they were called to be. I remember being pregnant and so concerned of how my relationship would be with her, because of how my own relationship with my mother was. I grew up in a household that knew of Jesus but it definitely wasn’t a necessity to live for Him or even really, get to know Him. I went to private school my entire life and let me tell you, I learned a lot about Mary and the pope but nothing about Jesus.

Even still, I remember at a young age praying to God at night, usually for things that concerned my 8 yr old heart. I didn’t receive the Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior until I was 21 years old. (That is a really long story for another day.) But, since that day, I have lived my life for Christ; learning His Word and walking it out.

It took me a while and quite a bit of prayer, but I realized that my fear was rooted in my ability to be a mama. I didn’t know what it looked like to be a mother who lived by the Word of God. I was still trying to figure out how to be a wife who lived, and carried herself as such.

I haven’t spoken much on this subject but I had a difficult pregnancy and honestly, I struggled quite a bit with depression after my daughters birth. I remember having to cry out to God and literally release all of my concerns and fears for my daughter and place her into God’s hands. It was the hardest thing to admit that He could protect her better than I could and that He would love her more than I could…because His love is perfect. So….fast-forward, I began to pray and ask God and His Holy Spirit to show me how to raise our daughter. How to speak over her life. How to pull out and encourage every gift and talent He’d given her.

I started with the music I’d play for her. I always played Holy Spirit filled, anointed music in her room, in the house. I would worship in front of her. I would pray and praise God and praise dance with her right there next to me. I would pray for every meal and hold her little hand. I would talk to her about who Jesus was to us. And one day, when she was about 1.5, she was sitting for lunch, and she sort mumbled some words and then she said, Amen.

Tears filled my eyes. I was overjoyed.

To see your prayers come into fruition, is overwhelming. And so, I ran with it from there. My husband and I began to tell her every night before we went to sleep, lets pray and give thanks. My husband would pray, then me, then her. Soon, at the age of 2, she began making up her own songs for Jesus. Her favorite one is “Jesus, I looooooove you. Jesus!!!” She began laying hands and anointing at our church. And while others think it’s so cute, she realizes how serious it is as I was sick one day, and she laid hands on my head and prayed. I have no idea what she said, other than “Jesus, I love you, thank you, papa, Amen.”

I am telling you all of this so that you can see what happened: I was able to teach her because she saw me doing it. She saw her daddy and mama praying together at night, and so now she does. The moral of the story is let your life be an example. Often times we as Christians get really excited about showing who Christ is to the outside world and we forget to display his love and let His light shine thru us at home. My daughter will be 3 years old this December and she makes it a point to sing ‘God is on the move” and “I will trust in You” everyday. What I see in my daughters behavior and character is simply the fruit of what was planted and continues to be planted in her life.

If you are wanting to teach your children how to pray, I would start with praying with them all the time. Its so important to display your love for Christ, especially around your little ones as they mimic everything we do. They are like sponges but  they can’t choose what the soak up. Whatever is in their environment, is what will be inside of them. So it’s our job to ensure that our babies are soaking up the Holy Spirit.

I hope this post encouraged you to keep praying with or even start sharing your relationship with Christ with your children. They need to see an example and what better example than you!


Love you all,

Gladys H.

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