Home-School Adventures

If you are looking for some basic information on how to start homeschooling your children, then please check out my posts.

As a disclaimer: Homeschooling laws vary in each state so what I speak about in specifics, goes along with Wisconsin state law.

However, I do present information that can be applied to any one situation so please feel free to look around and gather all you need to be successful in homeschooling your little one(s).

Toddler Lesson Plan

Toddler Lesson Plan January 2018-Present Here is my toddler lesson plan; created out of love, prayer and a lot of scheduling. Down below I explain why I created this lesson plan this way, and the benefits I have seen thus ...
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How I taught my daughter to pray

Here in the Higgins household, we serve Jesus Christ. As a mama, it is vital for me to raise my daughter (and any other future children) to be the person of God they were called to be. I remember being ...
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