If you are a stay-at-home mama, then you know that it can sometimes get weary and lonesome. For the most part, we love what we do, but staying-at-home with a little one is a full-time job and being a mama is 24/7/365. And it is a fool who tells you that it is easy and that you wont have rough days. We don’t get to take breaks.  There will be times when you feel unimportant and drained. You will get frustrated and there will be thoughts of “No one needs me” or “I am not useful.” And though those are fleeting moments, that doesn’t make them any less real.

So, here is your safe haven. Here is the place where you can sit and cry when you have picked up the DVD case 40 times in the past 2 hours, and you’ve watched Moana and Frozen 6 times in a row and even with the sippy cup and bibs food manages to hit every thing but their little mouths, and you husband came home and had the FULL audacity to ask why the house wasn’t cleaned when not knowing that you’ve cleaned it 15 times today already, and you can’t find a matching sock to save this world and the toilet is covered in something that ain’t chocolate and you have no energy to cook and so yes, you gave them McDonald’s and scarfed down a large fry and coke in 2 minutes because in the midst of raising your baby, teaching your baby, cleaning, cooking, and attempting to work on your blog or business or heck, just yourself, and  managing to have the energy to be there for your spouse, and that awkward moment when you realize you haven’t showered yet…..those are the moments when you need A MOMENT to express yourself. I have been there. So here, here is my open letter to you mama’s. Stay encouraged. You’re doing a great job and you can only get better.

Love you,
Gladys H.

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Fighting Depression with Food

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